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Data Input Services
Rhino International Is located in Lahore, Pakistan since 2012 is the supplier of back office administrative services, including custom data input, online & offline data entry services, data processing and data conversion. Data entry tasks are perfectly suited for offshore outsourcing, and there is no better choice than Rhino Inernational for all of your data input and data entry needs. We have more than five years of experience and we employ state of the art technology, cutting edge skills and refined process designed to provide the most responsive, accurate services. Data input projects may include any of the following types of data, or any other unique, custom data input requirements:

Warranty Data
Security Clearance Information
Loan Information
Coupon Redemption
Credit Card & Bank Information
Order or shipping Information
Pricing Updation for Online Shopping
Freight or Air Bills
Product Registration
Scheduling Data
Sales Contracts
Budget or Financial Inputs
Employee IDs
Custom Data for Report
Employee Benefit Information
Data or Specification Sheet