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Business Data Entry Services
Rhino International Services (Pvt) Limited is a professional back office data processing service provider company located in Lahore, Pakistan since 2012. Rhino International is an unique platform for supplier of back office administrative services, including Online/offline data entry services, Customer Care Support, Outbound Surveys, Data Processing, web and data search and Scanning services, Book-keeping and Accounting data entry and Comprehensive accounting services. The Rhino International team has more than eight collective years of management experience. We can proudly address your immediate project needs or provide ongoing back office support for your team/organization. Our business data entry service range is particularly well suited for those organizations that require swift, accurate completion of data entry tasks at an afforadable price. Our team of data entry professionals can quickly assimilate information and complete the project while your staff pursues critical issues. We work independently, yet our work process ensures appropriate communication to keep you informed of project status. Data entry tasks are perfectly suited for offshore outsourcing. When you outsource data entry to Rhino International , your project is completed by expert data entry professionals, dedicated to producing the best results at the most affordable cost and mitigating the expense of temporary resource or additional staff. We can quickly expand or contract the staffing model to suit the needs of your project.

Our business data entry services cover the full spectrum of tasks and activities. If you do not find the
service you seek in the listing below, please feel free to contact us for your needs and ideas.
This listing provides examples of our services, but we can accommodate many other types of business data entry projects.

Handwritten Meeting Notes
Subscription Lists
Insurance Claims
Forms-based data Capture of any type
Employee Evaluation
Health History Forms
Audio Transcription
Client or Prospectus Mailing List
Legal Documents and Contracts
Manual Data Extraction and Input
Shipping Lists
Image Data Entry
Instruction Manuals

Content Management System Data Entry
Content Management System Data Entry can include remote data entry services for ongoing support of a CMS application or volume data entry to upload or enter existing files or data into a new CMS solution. If you do not see a listing of the service you require, please contact us to discuss your project need. We are ready to explore options and solutions to satisfy your data capture and data manipulation requirements!

Document Data Entry
File Structure and Taxonomy Data Entry
Image Data Entry
Event Data Entry
Data Conversion
Contact Data Entry
Sales and Product Information Data Entry
Partner, client or other user ID Data Entry
Multiple Versioning Data Entry
Report Data Entry
Graphic, drawing and Illustration Data Entry
Manuals, Specification and other technical Data Entry

Data Input Services
Rhino International Is located in Lahore, Pakistan since 2012 is the supplier of back office administrative services, including custom data input, online & offline data entry services, data processing and data conversion. Data entry tasks are perfectly suited for offshore outsourcing, and there is no better choice than Rhino Inernational for all of your data input and data entry needs. We have more than five years of experience and we employ state of the art technology, cutting edge skills and refined process designed to provide the most responsive, accurate services. Data input projects may include any of the following types of data, or any other unique, custom data input requirements:

Warranty Data
Security Clearance Information
Loan Information
Coupon Redemption
Credit Card & Bank Information
Order or shipping Information
Pricing Updation for Online Shopping
Freight or Air Bills
Product Registration
Scheduling Data
Sales Contracts
Budget or Financial Inputs
Employee IDs
Custom Data for Report
Employee Benefit Information
Data or Specification Sheet

Image Data Entry
Rhino International is a professional outsourcing service provider for back office data entry and data processing. We are located in Lahore, Pakistan since 2012, and we are the supplier of back office administrative services, including image data entry, online/offline data entry services. If you are considering for image data entry project, we encourage you to consider our services. If you choose to outsource your image data entry project to Rhino International, your project will be completed by expert data entry professional, dedicated to producing the best results at the most affordable cost. We can perform image data entry online/offline, fling and labeling image in excel spreadsheet or a data base or other repository.
Image Data Entry can be a time-consuming frustrating experience. These projects can result in poorly constructed image libraries or image that are not properly converted. Furthermore, image libraries may contain images that will not display properly, images with poor resolution, or misfiled images. When you emply Rhino International image entry services, you can be confident that your project will be completed on time, within budget and with accuracy and quality results.

We can enter, convert and store images in many formats, including the following:
   JPG > GIF > BMP > PDF > Photograph> Power Point Presentation

If you need to alter, edit, change or manipulate your images, we can support those business needs as well. Our services include:
    Image Cropping > Image Scanning > Image Editing > Image Restoration > Resizing